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Alberto started to question about life and people very soon but never received satisfing answers.

Ancient knowledge from Europe background, huge knowledge from articles, books, different cultures, creativity, never ending sense of critic, scientific method, and genuine ethic and honesty. Much more introvert than extrovert, his knowledge came first from the external world and secondly from the inner world with books, articles, qualifications and dreams. It was time to understand perceptions, feelings, thoughts and look for personal answers and personal point of views.

Much more introvert than extrovert, his knowledge came first from the rational and objective external world and secondly from the complex and intimate inner world of the mind with books, articles, qualifications and dreams. It was time to understand perceptions, feelings, thoughts and look for personal answers and personal point of views.

Compassion, interest for self-development, meditation,  integrity, identity, social skills, physical excercise, ancient knowledge from every culture.. everything was adressed, analyzied and compared with a really smooth and sharp curiosity and intelligence.

The gap was to put into practice everything. 'Counseling of the Deep' is the desire of helping the other raised as a spontanous consequence

Training & qualifications

Counseling of the Deep involves systems' ability to self organize. Believing in the inner self organization takes into account laws from mathemathics and physics, neural networks, the biology and evolution of the system and the organism, the energy nvolved, personal meaning and morality, behaviours, emotions, thoughts, sensations and intuitions. Everything emerges spontaneously.

Counseling of the Deep is similar to an holistic view that goes really deep into individuals' life, reaching and touching the mystic and the mistery of someone but without forgetting the scientific method. It takes into account also culture influences, environment, stories, symbols, feelings of connections and awareness with others, active and passive imagery, dreams and the concept of unconscious. These concepts had to be revisited under the point of view of a self-organizing system by using and merging concepts from analitical psychology and physics.

The person has the major role and counselling skills are still valid because the individual is ruled by the inner and deep inner laws of a complex system. Tests and therapies are provided to focus on the person in the same way they are planned to, but with just in a different way and not in a classical way and as a starting point, not the solution.


My session fee is $ 120.00

More Information

The true and genuine willingness to help the other brought the therapist to deal with a lot of different professionals but soon discovered that even those people were all but professionals. He was the only one able to give suggestions, notions, ideas. Always wondered how it was possible to provide for those poeple beneficial therapy when they were so unprepared, so deeply biased and so blind even with him or her self and own awareness. How could have been possible that a therapist that is supposed to change or help someone could be so naive and blind?

Alberto further developed experience in dealing with compulsion, personality, spirituality issues, as well as symbolic life, holistic and environmental ones. Nowadays is a well prepared therapist with geunine wisdom, self-awareness and willingness to offer something to the poeple, developing his own theory, models and notions, with an attention to let everything go from time to time and being open to what is different, receiving positive feedbacks and congratulations even from Phd persons in the sector. One of his most profound wishes is to make a difference in someone's life.


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19/37 Jeays Street

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