Five Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Drug Rehab

Five Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Drug Rehab

5 June 2018

Every addiction story is different and with that, your loved one needs the appropriate drug and alcohol rehab center to pull through from their addiction. It can be hard to find the appropriate one, especially with the numerous rehab centers out there competing for patients, as well as their different counseling and treatment options.    

These treatments and counseling options can range from inpatient to outpatient, long-term versus short-term stay as well as group or individualized treatment and counseling.

The right path might be hard to pick or even know unless you base your drug and alcohol rehab search on what you want for your loved one as well as his/her own personal addiction.

To determine your top rehab picks, you will have to ask yourself a few questions before selecting any of the best ones out there, for you addicted loved one. Here are some five questions you should ask before choosing a drug rehab facility.

1.    Is the Treatment Developed Around Individual Situation

You should always ask if the treatment and counseling done at the rehabilitation facility is flexible enough for a personalized treatment based on an individual’s past, health and mental well-being.

This is because some people might require a unique treatment as well as services, depending on their situation. One size never fits all, when it comes to recovering from drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, the best treatment program should check for mental and physical health with regard to age, sexual orientation, gender as well as health needs and motivation. This way it can come up with individualized personal treatment best for your loved one.

Besides, it should also incorporate other social services with it, as long as you think they may be of use to your addicted friend or family member. These can range from medical care, job training, childcare, legal training and education among others, as long as it will not isolate them from the world.

2.    Will Treatment and Counseling Adapt To Changing Needs

Drug and alcohol addiction is a relapse and remission disease that requires different kinds of treatment depending on how well one is responding to it. Therefore, it should be flexible and easy to adapt periodically, depending on the individuals changing needs and situation.

Moreover, it should constantly re-evaluate the patient’s progress. As it is hard to predict how the treatment is likely to affect your loved one, present and future.

An effective treatment should monitor any drug and alcohol use, and be ready to intervene ASAP with the appropriate personalized treatment methods, in case of a relapse.

3.    What Is the Length of the Treatment

The type of addiction as well as its intensity can give you an estimate of how long the addict will be in treatment. However, it should be in a position to reduce its level of intensity over time but not be too brief. Remember that the best program is designed to accommodate any periodic stints of higher intensity treatment, especially after relapses and slips.

Nonetheless, research suggests that 3-months is about the minimum duration one should consider best for their loved ones to try and get better from alcohol and drug addiction.
You should also note that, as much as the counseling and treatment is supposed to be sufficient. It should not always be residential for the entire duration.

4.    What Is the Staff to Resident Ratio

You should also inquire about the staff to patient ratio within the rehab residence. This way you can be sure that, your loved one will be taken care of well, especially if theirs is a serious addiction that needs more people to handle.

You should also ask and get to know how they will handle the patient’s situation, until they reach a true and meaningful turning point of their lives.

Note that the staff is part of your addicted loved ones progress, so check for their qualifications too. This way you can rest assured that the person you have admitted would be in better hands.

5.    Where Is the Rehab and Is It in A Safe Environment

No matter the location of your rehab center, it is always important you ask and check out how safe and secure it is, to prevent any bad influences and chances of relapsing.
Besides, you should check if it is in a comfortable and welcoming place that an addict could see the best in themselves and be in a position to welcome drug and alcohol recovery with open hands.

Rehab centers built for success will always bring the best in a person. Such settings can change a person in a positive way for good. It can make them thrive as a person, of course under watchful care and efficient program treatment and counseling.

On the other hand, isolated confined environments never bring the best in a person. This is because they are usually cold and dully, with very little positive energy for better outcome/recovery.


There are many questions, you should ask before choosing a drug rehab center and these five are among them. You can check the rest, but always research by yourself. Moreover, do not rely on the word of mouth or the exaggerated marketing words, used to market some of these drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

You should see the facility firsthand and get to know more about it, before admitting your loved one there. As you want the best service, care for them and not torture in the name of treatment.

About The Author:

This post was brought to you by Qaiser, a freelance content writer and blogger. He loves to write on topics related to health, fitness and general well being that affects masses.

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