Art Therapies

Children learn to express themselves in a wide variety of non-verbal ways that are sometimes forgotten as they develop more complex verbal skills. However creative expression is still a very powerful way to tap into thoughts and feelings and release them in a non-verbal manner.

Professional art therapy practitioners utilise creative arts to give individuals a vehicle through which they can re-capture their inner creativity and express their emotions in a therapeutic setting. For many it also provides a sense of achievement and builds inner confidence.


Art therapy/Art psychotherapy

This form of psychotherapy encourages individuals to use artistic materials, such as clay, paints or paper, as tools to help them communicate their emotions, thoughts and feelings. The resulting artworks can provide a very useful insight into any internal issues or conflicts they may be experiencing.


Drama therapy

Drama therapy is another form of psychological therapy. It allows people to use acting and performance techniques as a means of expression and helps them to address any difficult or underlying issues in an indirect manner.


Music therapy

Music is a powerful language in its own right so when used as a type of creative therapy it provides an excellent outlet for individuals to express a colourful array of emotions and create positive change. It is especially useful for those with dementia, autism or who have other difficulties with verbal communication.

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