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  • Relational psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children. Individuals and groups.
    I specialise in Abuse - Asperger’s syndrome  
  • Do you sometimes wonder why you feel lonely, disconnected or misunderstood?
    I specialise in Abortion - Anxiety - Depression - Low self-esteem - Relationship issues  


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Find Members of the Australian Association for Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is a kind of psychotherapy where one or more psychotherapists treat individuals within a group setting.

The group context and procedure is used as the mechanism for change. It's through the development, interaction, exploration and evaluation of this group, facilitated by the therapist/s, that comprehension, self-awareness, and an ability to enhance the person's situation occurs.

The group itself creates in its core something special and individual; both unique and greater to the customers comprising the group.

It's this centre of transformative power which aids the healing processes of the band members. Group psychotherapy is successful at least in part because forming relationships and being societal is a vital component of human nature.

Find Members of the Australian Association for Group Psychotherapy