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About me

If you're looking for an experience that can guide you towards a sense of authenticity, inner confidence and more mindful relationships, therapy could be the place to do that work. I offer psychotherapy, counselling and coaching to individuals and couples that leads to sustained personal development and growth.

I specialise in working with people who face:

  • Emotional conflicts
  • Relationship issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-defeating behaviour
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Losses and life transitions

The approach 

Treatment involves us working closely together to get you beyond those ‘stuck’ places by exploring authentic feelings, identifying and changing non-useful relationship patterns, and learning to live more mindfully. Research tells us that by working with a mindful, skilled and attuned therapist you can reshape your experiences through self-observation, thinking about relationship patterns, managing your stress and exploring your unique story. The secret lies in the quality of the therapeutic relationship and the safety and professionalism it offers. 

A quiet space on the edge of the city

Situated at East Redfern, on the edge of the city, I offer a quiet space in a small terrace house where you can find a clearing in a frenetic world. It is a place where you can slow down and take the time to be respectfully heard in an empathic, supportive environment.

Take the first steps

I welcome your call so we can meet for an initial consultation to discuss working together. Either call or book online via my website at where you can read about the special groups I work with and more about the services I offer.

Training & qualifications

Strongly committed to the profession and my work with clients, I am passionate about the transformative power of therapeutic relationships - something I have witnessed many times in my work and something I know from my own therapeutic experience.

  • I am bound by PACFA, The International and the Australian Transactional Analysis Associations codes of ethics.
  • I am in regular clinical supervision, a learning environment all therapists need to participate in to ensure their clients are cared for in the safest, most professional and effective manner. 
  • I also attend my own weekly psychotherapy and have done for many years. In my view, one has to be in therapy to practice it.

My background

My professional life started as a nurse and I worked in a number of clinical, research and teaching roles. The holistic approach to care first championed by nurses in part underpins my work as a psychotherapist. Later I pursued a career in medical journalism and I worked in management roles as an editor, corporate relations manager and in a range of other communications and project roles. My coaching skills are derived from my experience in the media, publishing and corporate worlds.

My affiliations

  • The Australian Transactional Analysis Association
  • The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
  • Medibank accredited provider of counselling services
  • Employee Assistance Program counsellor with Eudoxia
  • The International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
  • The International Transactional Analysis Association

Current related roles

  • The Transactional Analysis Journal (Editorial Board Member)
  • Australian Transactional Analysis Association ( Board Member 2012-14)


  • Diploma of Applied Science Nursing (Sydney)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Sydney)
  • Cert IV Transactional Analysis theory (Australian Centre for Integrative Studies)
  • Diploma of Transactional Analysis - Psychotherapy (Australian Centre for Integrative Studies)
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Course (Sydney Institute)  - 2014/15
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy  -  Level 2
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy  - Level A 

Courses and workshops

  • Recognising and responding appropriately to domestic and family violence (Lifeline)
  • Suicide prevention professional development training (Australian Psychological Society)
  • REACH facilitator trained (Blackdog Institute)
  • Understanding evidence-based couples therapy (Relationships Institute)
  • Advanced skills for treating complex couples (Relationships Institute)
  • The footprint of trauma (NSW Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy)


My session fee is $ 120.00

More Information

My client list is a study in diversity with representatives from many backgrounds, cultures and demographics. I love the way it reflects the colour of Sydney's communities. Below is a list of some of the specific groups I have tended to feature in my client list over time: 

  • Individuals 
  • Couples  - pre-relationship counselling, those looking to change or improve their relationship or those having to end their relationship.
  • GLBTIQ Community members 
  • Female leaders, entrepeuneurs and professionals 
  • Creative and media professionals 
  • Health, medical and caring professionals 


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Brad McLean Consulting
Telopea Street

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