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    I specialise in Low self-confidence - Avoidant personality disorder - Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder - Relationship issues - Terminal illness  
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    I specialise in Anger management - Depression - Gender dysphoria - Avoidant personality disorder - Sex problems  


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Find psychologists, counsellors and other therapists that can help with Avoidant personality disorder

Someone with an avoidant personality disorder will appear shy and timid. They may avoid people because they feel inadequate, even though they secretly wish to have company. They are very sensitive to negative judgements by others.

Those with a personality disorder have developed rigid or extreme thoughts and behaviours that they cannot control. They have trouble relating to others and are often limited in their ability to deal with daily life. Personalities normally continue to develop through teenage years so disorders are generally not diagnosed until adulthood.

To be diagnosed with APD the person must display 4 or more of the following symptoms. There is generally not much variation in the range of symptoms shown.

Those with APD:

  • Do not initiate social interactions unless they are sure of being liked. They usually only interact with close family and a few friends.
  • Avoid intimate relationships and are excessively shy.
  • Choose careers that allow them to work alone.
  • Avoid activities that involve socialising due for fear of disapproval, rejection and criticism.
  • Believe themselves to be unattractive, unappealing or inferior to others.
  • See themselves as being socially incompetent and fear shame and ridicule.
  • Avoid risks, including work promotions, due to the intense fear of embarrassment and failure.
  • Always assume the worst case scenario.
Find psychologists, counsellors and other therapists that can help with Avoidant personality disorder