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  • A wholistic and integrative approach for individuals, couples and families.
    I specialise in Abortion - Adoption - Anxiety - Child related issues - Couple issues   and 19 other disorders
    Whatever your reason for seeking help, I will do my best to help you and get your life back on track. I will listen to your issues and concerns without judgement. In a safe environment, we will explor... read more
      HAMPTON EAST, VIC 3188  
  • Art Therapist, Integrative Counsellor and a Professional Supervisor
    I specialise in Sexual abuse - Anxiety - Child related issues - Depression - Low self-esteem  
  • Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy " You are more than you know"
    I specialise in Anxiety - Dissociation - Low self-confidence - Spirituality - Suicidal thoughts  
  • Roman’s technical client centered integration of Jungian Sandplay & expressive therapy aims to meet
    I specialise in Generalised anxiety disorder - Depression - Separation and divorce - Sexuality - Spirituality  
  • Psychotherapy with Depth
    I specialise in Anxiety - Couple issues - Depression - Grief and loss - Spirituality  
  • I want to listen to your story, and help you to find what you want from this life;Sthn Highlands NSW
    I specialise in Grief and loss - Stress  
  • The Whole Story works with people to overcome and understand challenges in their lives
    I specialise in Domestic violence - Passive aggression behaviour - Personality disorder - Dependent personality disorder - Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder  


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Jungian Therapy: What is It?

Carl Jung is well known as the forefather of analytical psychology. He believed that religious expression was manifested from the psyche’s yearning for a balanced Jungian therapy helps people address the question, “What is the meaning of life, or of my life?”

Jungian therapy, sometimes known as Jungian analysis, is an in-depth, analytical form of talk therapy designed to bring together the conscious and unconscious mind together, to help make a person feel balanced. Jung focused his study on dreaming as this is a perfect example of when the conscious and unconscious minds mesh together. Initially, Jung and Freud studied together, but they parted ways when Jung developed his specific theory. Jungian therapy and analytical psychology presents very strong and well supported ideas, even while being, at times, complex and ambiguous.

Many clinical psychologists in Australia endorse Jungian therapy. It is a very well established form of treatment, and can be used effectively for a wide range of conditions and mental health issues.

Jungian Therapy: What is It?