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About me

Dr Elliot Gerschman is a clinical psychologist who consults privately at his Melbourne based practice, Satisfied Mind, focusing on adult clinical psychology, mindfulness, and chronic pain management. His experience includes facilitating various mindfulness and acceptance based interventions (e.g., ACT, DBT) and establishing and co-ordinating a chronic pain management program at a prominent private mental health service in Melbourne. He completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Monash University. His professional interests include also emotional intelligence coaching, meaning-centred therapy, and developing smart-phone psychology applications. 

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Training & qualifications

In selecting a therapist I believe that it is important to evaluate several key areas, including (1) the ability to connect with one’s therapist; (2) the degree of “fit” between the therapeutic approach and one’s goals for therapy; and (3) the clinical experience and expertise of the therapist. With this in mind, allow me to elaborate on some of my qualities, interests and experience as a therapist.

1. The ability to establish a deep, authentic and empathic connection

My qualities as a therapist include my ability to connect deeply and authentically with my clients. I am able to provide an emotionally safe environment through my empathic and validating approach. People readily sense that I genuinely care about them and accept them without judgement. These qualities enable people to feel comfortable in opening up and engaging in deep therapeutic work.

2. A passion for mindfulness, emotional intelligence, meaning and technology

My therapeutic interests are varied. I have extensive experience with a range of mindfulness and acceptance based approaches, including their application in regulating mood and managing chronic pain. This includes cutting-edge approaches such as Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Additionally, I am passionate about teaching emotional intelligence skills, including the ability to identify, understand, safely experience and manage difficult feelings.

I have a particular interest in the role of personal meaning and values in promoting psychological well-being, having completed my doctoral thesis in this area. Furthermore, my interests include the use of technology within psychology. I am currently designing a mindfulness based smartphone application and I occasionally use in-session biofeedback techniques.

3. Diverse and specialised clinical experience

My experience as a clinical psychologist has been diverse and specialised, including developing and implementing various of mindfulness and acceptance based programs at Australia’s largest psychiatric hospital. I have worked in specialised units targeting a range of clinical difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma and chronic pain. This diverse experience enables me to draw from a variety of skills and approaches to meet clients’ unique circumstances and needs.


My session fee is $ 45.50
Medicare Rebate

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  • First Session Free

Obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP and bring the referral to your initial session and you will receive bulk billing for this session. This means no out of pocket costs while you have the chance to determine whether this service is a good fit for your needs and therapeutic goals. Subsequent sessions are $45.50 with Medicare rebate. Private Health Insurance rebates are also available.


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Satisfied Mind
Suite 5, level 3, 517 St Kilda Road

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