How to get 'Unstuck'

How to get 'Unstuck'

11 March 2015

(Originally published on What's Next Mama)

A truck got 'stuck' in our backyard the other day. The process of becoming 'unstuck' and remaining intact provided a pretty decent analogy for those times we become stuck. So, here you go:

1. Access the current situation.

Just how deep in it are you? Will moving backwards a little enable enough grip to reverse, rewind and find a firmer track? Is there any way you can firm up the situation to enable you to continue out and up along the same path? Do you really want to go forward along that path? Is there a possibility that getting stuck has helped you see the path you were heading down hasn't got enough space, or has another couple of hurdles you didn't see at first?

2. Discuss the situation with another.

There may be alternatives you can't see. Other people can have great contributions although they don't necessarily have a vested interest in the outcome and any consequences still sit with you.

3. Recognise that staying stuck is not a solution.

Often staying stuck seems comfortable and easy however you might not even realise you are wasting precious resources - time and attention - and missing new and interesting experiences. Feeling overwhelmed is part of the experience of being stuck and when you have worked out exactly what actions you can take you may worry about the damage which might occur when movement happens. Staying stuck though is not a solution.

4. Get a helping hand.

If you discussed the situation with another they may have suggested you ask someone who has the 'machinery' (in our situation with the stuck truck a tractor was needed!), tools, resources, skills and willingness to help you out. Asking can be the most difficult part. You may need to admit to being 'stuck' and you may need to be honest that you do not currently have the skill to move in any direction. Ask for help. People love to help.

Time to move!

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