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State of Mind
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About me

State of Mind is a leading health service provider on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Specialising in behavioural change, we work best with those of you that are suffering from anxiety and depression and just 'existing' or feel trapped in old habits and coping mechanisms. Our clients predominantly present with 3 main issues:

  1. Trapped in feelings: stuck, depressed, angry, confused, embarressed, unsure, alone, lost, anxious of just plain sad.
  2. Not coping, and just 'existing' or going through the motions.
  3. No longer wanting to behave a certain way anymore - smoking, drinking, gambling, yelling...the list goes on.

With in-depth knowledge gained through their own personal journeys along with their initial and ongoing training, our staff have up to date tools, experience and resources to help you through even the toughest of times. Operating on a 4 step methodology, our process is to validate, alleviate, update and educate you. We believe if you knew how to be happy and healthy, you would be so we just find the gaps in your knowledge base and help fill them in. The way we work is to create a climate of of change wherein you grow and evolve, leaving with more control than when you arrived and your choices can once again be your own. We solve your problems by:

  1. Creating a shift within you, helping you to change the way you look at things and to let go of what you no longer need.
  2. Empowering you with tools and resources, teaching you how to employ them and developing your emotional resilience.
  3. Attending to the underlying causes as to why you are acting in a certain way, then reconstructing confidence and trust.

In the initial appointment you will gain an understanding of the tools we employ to assist you, such as counselling, hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and reality therapy. Many people ask "how many sessions does it take?" to which we reply it depends on how fast you learn. Understanding that people learn in different way, we will find the best way to work with you. Being resolution based therapists we find it far more efficient and effective to work with the cause instead of the effect so change generally happens fairly quickly.

We leave our clients free to think, feel and act as they wish to, helping them to live a better quality of life. We also believe there has never been a better time than right now to learn how to think better in order to live better so get in touch and see how we can help you today.

"Truly amazing! I've been seeing Nick for help on various things in my life and the journey has been incredible. I'm stronger, more confident and happier than ever despite the challenges faced. I recommend Nick to anyone for anything they wish to develop, discover, change or heal, he works wonders." - Amelia


Training & qualifications

Cert IV & Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling


My session fee is $ 120.00

More Information

Initial 1 & 1/2 hour Consultation is $150 + GST

Hourly sessions thereafter are $120 + GST

Please get in touch for more information on our smoking cessation and weight management workshops.

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State of Mind
15/746 Nepean Hwy
Mt Martha, Vic 3934

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