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  • A wholistic and integrative approach for individuals, couples and families.
    I specialise in Abortion - Adoption - Anxiety - Child related issues - Couple issues   and 19 other disorders
    Whatever your reason for seeking help, I will do my best to help you and get your life back on track. I will listen to your issues and concerns without judgement. In a safe environment, we will explor... read more
      HAMPTON EAST, VIC 3188  
  • Clinical Social Worker specializing in parenting, family issues, grief and loss & mental health
    I specialise in Mental health - Pregnancy and birth - Relationship issues - Family issues - Sexuality   and 0 other disorders
    Stephanie Azri is a Clinical Social Worker from Brisbane, Australia. She holds a Diploma of Education, a Bachelor of Human Services, a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master in Health Studies and a Certifi... read more
      BEENLEIGH, QLD 4207  
  • Don't struggle alone with the baby blues...I can help.
    I specialise in Anxiety - Depression - Postnatal depression - Pregnancy and birth - Relationship issues  
  • Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
    I specialise in Emotional abuse - Depression - Postnatal depression - Miscarriage - Pregnancy and birth  
  • I have one year experience, so am still fairly new
    I specialise in Abortion - Abuse - Emotional abuse - Physical abuse - Sexual abuse  
  • confidential, evidence based counselling and treatment.
    I specialise in Abortion - Abuse - Drug abuse - Emotional abuse - Physical abuse  


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Find psychologists, counsellors and other therapists that can help with pregnancy and birth

Approximately 50% of pregnancies in Australia are unplanned. Some women are able to incorporate this into their lives and others may feel scared or confused.

Pregnancy counsellors will enable you to have the time to discuss your thoughts and explore your feelings about all options available to you.  You can expect that services are unbiased and can support you and give you accurate information so that you can make a decision you feel comfortable with.

Find psychologists, counsellors and other therapists that can help with pregnancy and birth