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  • A safe and confidential place where you will be heard, understood, and accepted just the way you are
    I specialise in Addiction(s) - Couple issues - Grief and loss - Mental health - Trauma  
  • I have over thirty years experience working as a therapist with individuals, couples and families
    I specialise in Couple issues - Mental health - Family issues - Stress - Trauma  
  • Founder of the Online Anti-Bullying Community Teen Support Network
    I specialise in  
  • Experience in relationship, youth, family, career, addictions, behavioural and interpersonal counsel
    I specialise in Abuse - Anxiety - Depression - Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) - Relationship issues  


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Are you looking for the best Pyschologists in Adelaide?

It shouldn't be a laborious task to find qualified Adelaide psychologists. It's one of Australia's fifth most populous cities, but it is often forgotten. For this reason, we make sure to keep our database up to date and to show only the best pscyhologists, therapists, and counsellors Adelaide has to offer. 

Adelaide sees a lot of migration from other cities/states/countries and has a very multi-cultural demographic these days.

There's no reason that Adelaide's mental health services should not be able to cope with the increase in migration. Unlike, other more populous cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the health care system is not under the same strain as the major cities.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find youth or child psychologists. We currently have a few mental health practitioners who specialist in teen and youth counselling services. Be sure to browse their profiles to learn more.


Are you looking for the best Pyschologists in Adelaide?