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  • A safe place to explore challenging experiences, internal conflicts and be empowered to be yourself
    I specialise in Anger management - Anxiety - Domestic violence - Grief and loss - Stress  
    I specialise in Anxiety - Bullying - Depression - Low self-esteem - Separation and divorce  
  • I specialise with individuals, couples and childhood trauma
    I specialise in Addiction(s) - Phobias - Depression - Postnatal depression - Trauma  
  • "A path to personal awareness and emotional health"
    I specialise in Addiction(s) - Anger management - Anxiety - Career - Couple issues  
  • Master Psychotherapist Solution Orientated Approach Combining New Science and Spirituality
    I specialise in Generalised anxiety disorder - Bipolar disorder/Manic depression - Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - Passive aggression behaviour - Affairs and betrayals  
  • Online Counsellor at Metro Counselling and Consultancy Service
    I specialise in  
  • Reasonable rates, accessible help, ongoing care
    I specialise in Addiction(s)  
  • I have 8 years experience with anxiety and pain management
    I specialise in  
  • Registered Psychologist - Short term intervention
    I specialise in Abuse - Carer support - Disabilities - Sex problems - Stress  


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Find psychologists, counsellors and therapists in Perth

Residents of Perth generally enjoy a good socio-economic status, partially due to the steady tourism, retail, service and mining industries in WA. There is a vibrant multicultural community including Indigenous Australians.

With an aging population, Alzheimer’s and dementia are of growing concern. Depression and chronic health conditions are major issues faced by all age groups.

Dealing with physical and mental health problems can be very stressful and put pressure on relationships. Often, speaking to a professional counsellor can help people to understand their fears and behaviours. They use a variety of therapies to help people develop positive strategies that improve their daily life.

Find psychologists, counsellors and therapists in Perth