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  • Psychotherapist One on One , Group Work
    I specialise in Abuse - Emotional abuse - Sexual abuse - Alcoholism - Drugs   and 12 other disorders
    Welcome to Work Love and Play. Based Melbourne Australia, I  offer counselling services. I specialize in one on one, Group Work. My area of expertise and training are in Alcohol  &... read more
      AUBURN, VIC 3123   &   CARLTON NORTH, VIC 3054
  • Relationship and couple therapy for greater understanding and happiness.
    I specialise in Anxiety - Depression - Grief and loss - Low self-esteem - Relationship issues  
  • Helping people transform emotional pain and cultivate a satisfied mind
    I specialise in Emotional abuse - Chronic pain - Depression - Mental health - Borderline personality disorder  
  • Healing relationships is my thing
    I specialise in Sexual abuse - Couple issues - Grief and loss - Schizophrenia - Sex problems  
  • Emotion Focused Therapy and Counselling
    I specialise in Abortion - Carer support - Spirituality - Terminal illness - Trauma  
  • Helping you regain clarity, balance and purpose in your life
    I specialise in  
  • I help couples to heal the hurts and re-connect, to regain the feelings of loving and being loved.
    I specialise in Sexual abuse - Low self-esteem - Pre-nuptial counselling - Stress - Trauma  
  • Dr Keogh is a Clinical Psychologist & Media Consultant with over 10 years' experience
    I specialise in Carer support - Postnatal depression - Eating disorder - Low self-esteem - Compulsive hoarding  
  • Offers Rebates. Specialised in depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse/assault, relationships
    I specialise in Domestic violence - Personality disorder - Affairs and betrayals - Separation and divorce - Trauma  
  • Holistic Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Art Therapy processes.
    I specialise in ADHD - Eating disorder - Personality disorder - Psychosis - Suicidal thoughts  


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Melbourne sprawls to many suburbs and Thornbury has become a very fashionable to live in recent years. Its residents are ethnically diverse, and like many Melbourne suburbs has a mix of ages, religious beliefts and sexual orientations.

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