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I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor, psychotherapist and group facilitator who promotes healing & authenticity through expressive, creative modalities as well as the talking therapy. I draw from broad life experience & my own healing journey, over 25 years of personal and professional development, volunteering & coaching others, and 20 years group facilitation. I have a passion for helping if you are feeling lost to heal old wounds & resolve current difficulties, in order to find your authentic self & reach your full potential.

Psychiatry works with chemistry of the brain; Psychology works with mechanics of the thinking; Holistic Counselling works with exploring more broadly aspects of mind, body, emotions & spirit-soul. It includes the 'thinking' and 'feeling', and a range of creative & expressive tools to address deep fears, anxiety, pain, trauma & relationship issues while unlocking your strengths, purpose, confidence, inherent gifts & rekindling your passion for life.

Every human being searches for acceptance, fulfillment and happiness. At some point along our journey we may need help to resolve the conflicts that have gathered in our lives. 

Holistic counselling deals with root causes rather than labels and symptom reduction alone. The processes work with the whole person, accessing both conscious & unconscious realms, bringing awareness to a deeper sense of self, and offering the opportunity to heal & thrive.

Having a nurturing space to sit with, listen & bear witness to all aspects of your self can lead to awakening, empowerment & growth, freeing you to find meaning, inspiration, purpose & a deeper connection with your self while unearthing unlimited potentials.

I will guide each session to meet your particular needs at each given moment, utilising a variety of modalities and processes. You become the expert in your own healing journey, while you are compassionately and respectfully companioned to explore, express, process & resolve past or present difficult or worrying issues that can be a part of this intricate tapestry we call ‘life’. This can lead to a more conscious, empowered, balanced & enriching experience of the present.

I combine traditional talking therapies, (based in a person centered approach encouraging, honouring & valuing your own inherent wisdom), with creative, emotion focussed, process-experiential forms of expression which may include:

Art Therapy/Mandalas       Sandplay Therapy             Body Focussing             Gestalt Therapy

Inner Child Healing            Creative Writing                Dream Exploration        Mindfulness

Singing Bowl/Sound          Meditation                         Creative Visualisation    Ritual



Appointments available at Living Now, 42 Hartnett Drive, Seaford;

The Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills;

and The Harte Felt Centre, Level 1, 16A Toorak Road, South Yarra. 

Also online and telephone counselling is available.  Sessions can be booked during business hours, after hours and on weekends.

Fee: $95 / $75 concession per session (usually 1 hour - 90 minutes) 



An invitation to open to a place of peace and stillness within. Expect nothing of yourself while you enjoy the wash of a Tibetan Singing Bowl sound bath and it's vibrational healing benefits,  (meditation without dogma).  Or learn how to play these beautiful healing tools for self healing and/or for friends, family and clients as a new modality to add to your own healing practice.  Enjoy a day retreat or a weekend/few days to unplug and enjoy art therapy/mandala workshops, explore dreams, singing bowl workshops, meditations, free time for R & R, healthy food and inspiring surrounds. 



  • Meetup Online Group
    Join my Meetup online group to keep up to date with the calendar of events and connect with likeminded heart centered souls:
  • Lightly Centered Facebook Group 

          Join my Facebook Group for daily affirmations, information, events  and a chance to

          connect with other likeminded souls.

  • The Love and Sensuality Project
    Facebook Page to share your inspiration, stories and images about your perception and experiences of Love and Sensuality. Soak up others' beautiful vibrations while you're there /443068009057190


    1 - 2 hour low cost workshops are available for groups, such as exploring dreams, Tibetan singing bowl meditation & sound healing, art therapy/mandalas, and inner child healing. (Previous clients include Mental Illness Fellowship, Epilepsy Foundation of Vic, Anxiety Recovery Centre Vic & private women's retreat)


Training & qualifications


Diploma Holistic Counselling;

Diploma Youth Work;

Certificate IV Training & Assessment;

The Centre for Adolescent Health BEST PLUS Family Support Group training;

ASIST Suicide Intervention Certificate (Half day SAFETalk & 2 day ASIST programs);

Process Experiential Emotion Focused Technique (PEEFT) Training

PEEFT Trauma Training;

ASCA & CASA Trauma informed training for professionals;

Vanish Adoption Training for professionals;

CBT Training;

Anxiety Disorders Training; A

SCA Peer Support Group Convenor training;

RMIT OH&S Certificate; First Aid Certificate; Working with Children & Police Checks;

Qualified member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA No: 8018);

Founding Member & previously on Committee of Management - Centre for Emotion Focused Practice;

Member of Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse/Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA)



My session fee is $ 95.00

More Information

I offer a concession rate of $75

(As a counsellor I am not able to access the Medicare rebate system for psychologists/social workers however my fee is equivalent to a Medicare gap payment of a Clinical Psychologist and offers the advantage of an ongoing low cost service for longer term counselling once rebated sessions have run out). 

Rebates may also be offered through the Victims of Crime Assistance Program and Private Health Insurance:  Check with your policy and provider for eligibility.


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Living Now Wellness Centre
42 Hartnett Drive

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