The Promise - Spiritual Perspective of Life's Challenges

The Promise - Spiritual Perspective of Life's Challenges

22 July 2015

The Promise

If you are going through something unsettling at the moment, stop and take a deeper slow breath. Focus your mind onto your heart area, slowly breathing into it allowing any feelings you have to just be. Nothing is static, change is imminent, including your moods, thoughts and feelings in this situation.Accepting what you cannot change, and changing only what you can…

There is a powerful, supportive energy guiding your life and it always has your best interest at heart. When you call upon it for guidance and support, it will respond. Spiritual signposts will be put in your path to guide you to your highest good. The more you surrender to The Divine Universe, which some of us refer to as God, the more you will be directed and guided to your highest good. The most challenging life circumstance may turn out to be your greatest blessing.

Practicing and refining your Grace – kindness, humility, forgiveness, tolerance of differences and above all Love, will always empower you to ride life’s ups and downs with confidence. As you view your life from a higher, more spiritual perspective, you’ll begin to see that everything happens for a reason. When you deepen your connection to the Divine, balancing your quietness with activity, accepting your own and others’ imperfections, and acting from your good heartedness and intention, happiness just happens!

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