Types of Therapy

There are a variety of therapies that counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists may use in their sessions. They generally fall into the following categories:


Arts therapies

Art therapy has been proven to assist the improvement of mental distress by allowing individuals to express their emotions in a non-verbal manner. Forms include:


Cognitive and behavioural therapies

These therapies are focused on thoughts (cognitive) and behaviours. They have the premise that we can change our thoughts and behaviours to help overcome specific problems such as anxiety, addiction, and phobias. This category includes:



Counselling is a form of ‘talking-therapy that people seek when they want to change something that is concerning them in their daily life, or they want help to explore and understand their thoughts and feelings at a deeper level.


Humanistic therapies

Through humanistic therapy, individuals can gain a clearer understanding of their strengths. It is focused on the ‘here and now’ rather than past experiences and fosters self development and personal growth.



Hypnosis is a natural state we experience at different times though out the day. It is the pleasant state of mind we reach when we are absorbed in a good book, half awake first thing in the morning or drifting off while doing a mundane task.

Hypnotherapy is the practice of assisting an individual to relax the conscious part of the mind and reach a hypnotic state. In this state it is possible to engage more closely with the subconscious mind and use positive suggestions to bring about changes in thoughts, feelings or behaviour.

It is useful as a treatment for breaking bad habits, resolving stress or anxiety or a variety of other conditions. When conducted by a qualified and reputable practitioner it is very effective and has no harmful effects.


Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic therapies

Many of our unconscious relationship patterns evolved from childhood experiences. This therapy aims to explore these patterns and determine how they can influence adult behaviour. Therapies include:



Psychotherapy (also called "talk therapy" or just plain therapy) is a process whereby psychological problems are treated through communication and relationship factors between an individual and a trained mental health professional. Modern psychotherapy is time-limited, focused, and usually occurs once a week for 45-50 minutes per session.


Other therapies


Counsellors or psychotherapists may use these or other therapies in isolation; however, it is more common for them to be used either in an integrated form or for elements of different therapies to be selected in an eclectic way. Finding a counsellor in MelbourneSydneyPerth or Brisbane has never been easier with TrueCounsellor's search engine. 

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