When Crisis Hurts - Responding to Trauma of the Heart, Mind & Body

When Crisis Hurts - Responding to Trauma of the Heart, Mind & Body

Jennifer Teerman (McMahon)
Organiser: Jennifer McMahon
Phone:  0414928641
Date & Time  13 August, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Cost:  $
Kenmore Library, Kenmore Plaza Shopping Centre
Brookfield Rd,

When we experience trauma in our lives how do we recover from such life altering events? As practitioners how do we respond to people who have experienced trauma in a way which meaningfully supports their recovery and enables the ongoing healing of the whole person - heart, mind & body?

During this workshop we will explore the meaning of trauma in our lives and raise our awareness of this healing journey within a person centred, recovery focused framework.

This workshop is designed to enhance our capacity to respond by increasing our understanding & preparedness for such events, developing our own protective behaviours and introducing strategies for building capacity for psychological resilience & emotional literacy.    


Workshop Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify and understand the complex nature of trauma.

  • Explore the impact of crisis, critical incidents and emergencies upon individuals within their community matrix.

  • Use this enhanced knowledge to facilitate a meaningful post incident response, as needed.

  • Define psychological resilience & emotional literacy as sustainable and translatable concepts.

  • Develop a suite of skills which engenders the principals of the Recovery Framework.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of social vulnerability and equity of needs.

  • Reflect upon the potential of vicarious trauma and explore protective behaviours from a perspective of self efficacy.


NOTE: This Workshop has been endorsed by the Australian Counselling Association to accrue 7 CPD points for it's members. Refer  http://www.theaca.net.au/opd-results.php for more information. 


NOTE: Workshop includes Morning Tea, Lunch & self serve Tea & Coffee.

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